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5 New Things in Portsmouth

Yesterday, I was in Portsmouth with Buttercup on our semi-annual visit to obtain a new passport for him. Since I'd been there before it wasn't "easy" to play my 5 New Things game, and I actually wasn't thinking about it at the time, but in retrospect I actually did manage to find 5 things...and that led me to more.

1) Had the Guy Scramble (?) at Friendly Toast: eggs w/ avocado and black beans. Which was amazing.
2) Had a coconut/nut/chocolate chip pancake also at Friendly Toast.
3) Also had "banana pepper and blue cheese" bread which was amazingly good though it sounds quite weird. At the Friendly Toast, of course.
4) Had lunch at Chinese place in Rye. Oh hey and we visited Rye, NH!
5) Tried a variety of amazing balsamic vinegars at Le Roux store in Portsmouth. Actually if you count all those vinegars and fancy olive oils, I probably tried 10 new things just in that store. Noteworthy: the 18 year old balsamic was so good you could drink the stuff (or drizzle it on cheesecake) and the dark chocolate balsamic was also amazing, would be great for a molé-type dish.

I also exchanged my SodaStream carbonator for the first time, though I don't think I want to count that as a travel item. They just happened to have SodaStream in Le Roux, so I didn't have to stop at Bed, Bath and Beyond on the way home.


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Dec. 20th, 2011 06:09 pm (UTC)
I'm a fellow Friendly Toast fan. :) I swoon for their Orleans fries.
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