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Forgive me, brethren, for I have sinned...

It has been one year, 13 days, 23 hours and 36 minutes since my last public post.

Really? Really.

I have used LJ intermittently this past year for private "my eyes only" posts on my 2012 resolution (singular) and goals (plural). I was already thinking this year there would be two resolutions--last year's "Finish unfinished business" is not, er, finished...so it's continuing--but then I had breakfast with mirrormargaret who guilted me with how much she misses my LJ (even though she is THE ONLY PERSON IN THE WORLD who is still reading it)... so now I think I am adding LJ to my resolutions, too.

To add to the pressure, I just signed on to the January 2013 Nablopomo.

Actually, it's fitting to get back to LJ now because that other resolution joining last year's unfinished "Finish unfinished business" is to get back to writing. It would be safe to say that I haven't written anything* since I stopped working for The Rainbow Times, back in ... May? June? And before that, it had been many months since I'd written anything *but* Rainbow Times work. I haven't even been journaling regularly for the past year or so.

This is all rather ironic because I've had pieces in two books released in the past 15 months, and there have been a number of speaking engagements, and even more religious programs I've led, so I should be, if anything, encouraged and inspired...and God knows I've got enough stories to tell.

Plus there's the pesky fact that I have three book projects on my mind and in some form or another on my desktop.

So here's hoping that this year sees at least 52 (and ideally 365) LJ entries. I'll try not to bore you. And by "you," I mean mirrormargaret because no one else is reading this, right?

*anything that counts in my mind as "real writing". Among the many things I've written that are not real writing: email, letters, reports, marketing materials, web content for instructional and/or marketing purposes, Tweets, and Facebook updates.


Jan. 3rd, 2013 05:49 pm (UTC)
I'm still reading! Good to see you.

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