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Tyroism - file under "profound"

"There’s a million choices and a million outcomes and half of them are from standing still and waiting."

-Tyro, via his blog

Writer's Block: Old enough!?!

What do you think the lower age limit should be for LiveJournal and other social networks, and why?

I don't think there should be an age limit to join. I do think there should be some access restrictions (e.g. children under 13 can only view limited profile of adults or something like that) and the phone numbers and addresses should *always* be invisible to other users in profiles. I guess that's more a Facebook issue than anything else.


Who would be interested---or at least not bored to shit---by posts about running? I may make a filter.

Writer's Block: Tolerance 101?

If you could create/select a new subject that had to be taught in high school, what would it be, and why?

I like how this"Writer's Block" is titled "Tolerance 101." I question how effectively that would actually be taught in high schools, but I think it would be a good thing.

What immediately jumped to my mind was "Time management."

When I was in high school, my district (state?) created a new mandatory course called "Life Management Skills." In it, we learned things as varied as how to write checks and keep a checkbook, how to do breast/testicular self exams, how to perform CPR, and the dangers of drug/alcohol use. It really wasn't a health class so I am sure there were more non-health-related topics than I'm recalling.

I almost failed the class. That probably says something both about why I don't recall more of what we covered and how much I've struggled with routine things in life. I did, however, become certified in CPR and I still remember vividly the moment when the teacher told us 1 in 5 women will get breast cancer (I've always remembered that, though it's not correct) and had us look around our class. I remember feeling a crack in the sense of being impervious to cancer. No one I knew had cancer (with one exception of an elderly cousin with skin cancer whose appearance terrified me...I don't think I knew then what caused her disfigurement.). My family's illnesses were different. Of course that's because I was born after the many people with cancer in my family had already died, and the next round hadn't yet been diagnosed.

In any case, it does seem to me that courses like that are very valuable and often aren't offered (much less made mandatory). There's a lot we assume young people will somehow just learn by osmosis. I think time management is one of those things--and I don't just mean how to use a calendar, but also how to be realistic about time and your personal needs vs. responsibilities, and how to set goals and break them down into steps.

Running milestones: 100 miles

I somehow totally missed the fact that sometime earlier this week I hit 100 miles so far this year.

The main reason I'm taking note of that is that I've never been consistent enough about giving myself the time to run, and time to record the details, to have ever been aware of reaching that point before. 

I keep a log on RunnersWorld.com  which has been amazing for seeing changes. I can see at a glance things like "5 weeks ago, I ran the same number of miles as this week, but 30 minutes slower." Sometimes these changes are so minuscule in the moment, or so up-and-down from week to week, that it's hard to see patterns. I like having those patterns so clear. 

Writer's Block: My Mythical Creature

If you could have any mythical creature as a pet, what sort of creature would you choose and what special powers would it have?

None. I have too many pets as it is. 

However I would gladly take that "mythical" robot thingie from the Jetson's that would clean my house. 
Or you know one of those "mythical" dogs that retrieves stuff, so that I could train it to take Tyro's dirty socks and cast off clothes to his room. 

Writer's Block: Bombshell alert!

If you find out that a celebrity you admire has been cheated on by her/his partner, do you typically root for them to reconcile or split up? If they have kids together, how does that affect your opinion?

If I find out a celebrity I admire has been cheated on, I first of all question why a certain subset of media feels the need to pry into everyone's personal lives looking for garbage. Unless the celebrity is a celebrity specifically for their family values and commitment to monogamy, it's completely irrelevant. 

Among other things, it's impossible to know whether the stories that reach the masses are true, unless someone comes out with an outright, explicit, public "confession." Even when the facts of the story are true --- person X is partnered with person Y but had sex with person Z --- there may be more to the story. Maybe X and Y are poly. Maybe X and Y are legally married for practical reasons but actually are not involved in any meaningful romantic way....they may not even live together! 

Basically when I see news about, say, "Brad's secret meeting with Jen!" my immediate thought is "It's not a secret to THEM. It's just a secret from the rest of us, which means it's PRIVATE. There is a difference between secrecy and privacy." 

An interesting place to stop reading

Yesterday I finally finished reading the writing-related book* I've been chipping away at every morning for over a year, I picked up another one* from my "to read" shelf this morning. It's a book I started reading some time ago...probably early 2009. I had put it down a few chapters in. 
I discovered that the chapter where I left off is entitled "The Guidance of the Body." The exercises throughout the chapter include:

Write about early sensual memories, being aware of your body as a young child. 
Notice the running commentary you make about your body. How do you want to change it?
Do you use your body to prevent yourself from attaining goals? How? 
How does your body reflect your mental, emotional and spiritual condition? 

I am surprised that this, of all places, is where I stopped: a chapter inviting me to write about questions that have been loaded for me for my entire life and about which I have thought and talked (and even expounded on in rooms full of strangers). 

I'm also not surprised at all. Each of those questions is like a little landmine in my consciousness. 

* The writing-related book I just finished: A Writer's Space: Making Room to Dream, To Work, To Write by Eric Maisel. It is a physically small book, with a huge scope—from physical space to existential space—which it covers in short chapters with exercises. Some of the exercises are useful. Some of them literally serve solely as a vehicle for the author's wit. It was good and thought provoking at times. 

The one I just picked up again: Life's Companion: Journal Writing as a Spiritual Practice by Christina Baldwin. It has an unusual organizational style---right side is expository and instructional, left side provides short examples and prompts. The part I already read is chock full of notes and underscores, so I suspect I may have become overwhelmed by the sheer intensity of reading it at a time when I wasn't giving myself enough time to actually *work* with the book.

** Yes, I know I need to back my computer up more often. I do, now.

Writer's Block: Sweet and solo

Have you ever made up an excuse to avoid a social obligation so you could spend the evening by yourself? Do your friends and/or family understand when you need some quality time alone?

Oh wow...that's more than one question, for real.
Have I made up an excuse to get out of a social obligation? Not, as a general rule, if I've already said yes. Typically if I say I'll be somewhere, I'll be there. I will be late, but I'll be there. If I haven't already said yes, I might make up an excuse, but usually I don't need to. If I can't be somewhere usually I really do have a competing obligation. (LIke right now: I have three competing obligations, and because I'm doing the one that requires me to be on location waiting for people, I have time to update LJ. If I could leave, there are two other places I "should" be and only one of them is not an obligation to another person, just to my workload.)

However... "so you could spend the evening by yourself." No. See above. I can't imagine thinking "I just need a night alone." and letting myself take one. 

I think my friends would understand more than my family, or at least more than my kids. I'm pretty sure R. "gets it" that I could use more quality downtime than I get.

But that's ok. In a year and a half I'll have an empty nest and I'm sure I'll have more time alone than I'll know what to do with. In the meantime, I do sometimes get quality downtime on weekdays when I clear my schedule for the day and force myself to take a day off (since weekends are breakneck craziness in my world), but that doesn't happen too often. I'm trying to do that Monday, since it would have been my mom's 70th birthday. I need to not be frantically busy so I can sit with that.

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