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Blissful valley

Life in a queer fishbowl

28 November
I am a writer, a parent and activist, mostly a big goof, sometimes taken too seriously, 40-something, loving, gentle unless asked to be otherwise, a bear, FTM, queer-cultured, a pen geek, often dehydrated, full of wanderlust.

I refer to some people in my life by their LJ names, and some by nicknames. Buttercup and Tyro are my two sons (ages 22 and 19).

"My story is important not because it is mine...but because if I tell it anything like right, the chances are you will recognize that in many ways it is yours."
-Frederick Buechner

acoa, activism, adhd, adult children, al-anon, alison bechdel, andalusia, anne lamott, anti-racism, arabic, architecture, bears, books, boston, cancer, cesar pelli, chains, cheese, children, coffee, coffeeshops, comedies, cooking, david gray, david spangler, deaf, deafness, disability, domination, dorothy allison, drawing, dykes, engineering, environment, ethical poly, ethics, ethnographic journalism, feminism, fisting, florida, ftm, gaston bachelard, gender, gender crash, gender variance, genderqueer, gratitude, grits, hearing impairment, honesty, human-computer interaction, indian food, intelligence, ireland, islam, john denver, journaling, journalism, judaism, kids, leather, leslie feinberg, linguistics, love, masculinity, medium theory, melissa etheridge, minnie bruce pratt, mixed media, morocco, narragansett, natalie goldberg, nipple clamps, northampton, paper, passing, pens, phenomenology of space, photography, photojournalism, piercings, pink, pioneer valley, poetry, polyamory, progressive muslims, queer, reading, recovering catholics, rhetoric, rhode island, roller blading, rumi, running, semiotics, service dogs, sex, sexuality, shenandoah, snowboarding, spain, spirituality, straps, submission, sufism, sustainable cities, sustainable spirit, tacks, tampa, thai food, the happy book, the south, transgender, transsexuals, traveling, trees, truth, unitarian universalist, university of south florida, uu, vegetarians, vermont, virtual communities, w3c, water, waterfire, web design, websites, weight lifting, weight training, wet platinum, willa cather, writers, writing, ybor